Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Know About Low Interest Credit Cards

First and the most important thing to get low interest rate on your credit card is to have a good credit record. If you have bad history then the credit card companies will blacklist you and you will not be able to avail this facility.

If you have long transaction with the credit company then you can try to convince them to convert your credit account at lowest possible rate. If the company is not able to grant you this facility then go for a change. Look for the new company giving this facility.

Fill up the form and complete the formalities asked by that company. After assessing your form and the documents if the company can not give you this advantage contact their office directly to know the reason. And again repeat the process of searching the company giving this advantage.

Getting lowest interest is not an easy task. The problem is that not all credit card companies that offer low interest rates are created equal. This goes to show that there are some companies that only use this very motivating factor so as to amass more consumers.

Hence, there are many instances wherein people are attracted to get credit cards because of the so-called low interest rates, only to find out that the interest rates are just one of those fraudulent promotions known as “teaser rates.”

With these low interest credit cards, they would usually offer some tempting deals to the public. The credit card companies would be more than willing to provide lower interest rates like low introductory APR or annual percentage rate.

However, most experts contend that lower interest credit cards only motivate people to make more purchases. They have this common notion that it is just okay to make many purchases because the interest rates are just small.

The most important factor to look in for is the duration as low interest credit cards are absolutely dependent on the duration of the promo.

So for those who fall many times to this kind of situation, it is best that they analyze their standing first. Never grab a low interest credit card instantly because what goes with the promotion may not be long lasting.

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