Thursday, July 06, 2006

How to make credit work for you, not against you
Sherry said the money that you hand the issuer is out of your control. If you don’t have enough money in your account for a purchase. You don’t want to sweep off your entire Bank balance to purchase a car. Whether you are looking for a good reward program credit card, a gold card, a smart credit card, or a charge card, American Express has many cards to choose from.If the rate is higher, you may also find yourself in for a shock when you begin to make payments. It attaches to a key ring and is available at no additional cost to Citi credit card holders. There are a number of balance transfer credit cards to select from, making the most difficult part deciding which one of the great deals you should take advantage of. The rate of interest is also lower by as much as 6% than that charged by cards that offer a lot of free miles upfront. Apart from being slapped a late fee, you can also be reported negatively on the credit report, if you hesitate making a credit card payment promptly Also, if you are late on your payment even once. How is your information protected? You really want to try not to have your parents paying the total balance of your credit cards each month because it is not going to teach you anything if you are not taking the responsibility for the bills that you have made on your own. Additionally, Bank of America made a $1 million donation divided between the ARC Disaster Relief Fund and the Houston Food Bank via the Gulf Coast United Way Katrina Relief Fund to feed 23,000 evacuees currently housed at the Houston Astrodome. There are credit cards with low fees, no fees, variable fees and fixed rates. For example, instant approval credit card online may give you immediate access to a new credit card, however, you may need to pay slightly more fees for this card in comparison to a regular card.A secured credit card or a prepaid debit card requires the user to deposit money into the credit card account before the card can be used.

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